What is jam.coop?

jam.coop is a new online service that allows musicians to connect with and sell music directly to their fans.

We plan to have features similar to other services, such as Bandcamp, but with a crucial difference: jam.coop is a co-operative run by and for the benefit of musicians and the people who build the platform. We're not for sale and never will be.

Who runs jam.coop?

jam.coop is built by a small software development company called Go Free Range. We're a company owned and run by our workers - a worker co-operative.

We have experience of building this kind of thing. We helped build FutureLearn, an online marketplace for mass-participation university courses and BBC Introducing a service for musicians to upload their music to the BBC and get it played on the radio.

Who owns jam.coop?

jam.coop is owned by Go Free Range and we haven't taken on any external funding. Our vision, if we can build something successful, is to "exit to the community". jam.coop will become a multi-stakeholder co-operative owned and democratically run by musicians, the workers at Go Free Range and any other staff we may need to take on in the future.

We want to start small and move quickly. We're "incubating" this new co-operative within Go Free Range to begin with. We're covering the costs of development and infrastructure so that we can build something useful to musicians as quickly as possible. If we can get to the point where jam.coop is self-funding we'll be in a great place to "exit to the community". We're already working with advisors from Principal Six Co-op on how the new co-op will be structured.

When will you be ready?

We're busy building the first, simplest version of jam.coop.

Here's a sketch of our roadmap:

Building now

Building next

How much do musicians earn?

To cover the costs of running and building jam.coop a 15% fee (minimum 20p) is taken from each sale.

We're not sure what the best fee structure will be in the longer term - we need to balance sustainability, speed of development and fairness. We'll be entirely transparent about our finances and involve musicians and workers in the decision of how to set these fees.

How do I, as a musician, get paid?

Once a month (on or close to the 1st) we make payouts for all of the sales you made that month using Wise. We've chosen Wise because it supports a large number of countries/regions and takes a low fee allowing you to keep more of what you sell.

You can provide us with the details we need to make that payout on your account page.

We're currently running artist payouts manually but in the future we hope to automate this (so we can provide more frequent payouts) and support other payout options.

Where does the profit go?

If jam.coop makes a profit we will distribute that to musicians and workers using a formula we all agree on. We don't want to get ahead of ourselves here, we're a long way from making a profit yet. But for inspiration Stocksy, a stock photo co-operative owned by photographers and workers paid out a substantial patronage dividend to its photographers in 2021. That's where we'd like to get to.

How do I sell my music on jam.coop?

We'd love to have you! Sign up for an account. Once you've verified your email address a link to "Add artist" will appear in the avatar menu at the top right of the site.

Is jam.coop open-source?

Yes. You can find the source code on github.

I have another question!

Great! Drop us a line or chat to Chris on mastodon.