Roberta Fidora

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1. ETHER/ORBIT 19:54

A forgotten satellite deteriorates in low orbit. Lost to the atmosphere or ready to come back to Earth?

ETHER/ORBIT, a companion release to 2020’s BLACK ARROW, sets a more funereal tone than its predecessor, soundtracking the Prospero satellite’s slow decay in low orbit and the final attempts to contact it. Without human intervention, it is estimated that it will eventually break up by 2070, almost 100 years after being launched, survived only by a few faint, uncertain transmissions on 137.560 MHz; signals that can be heard in the ghostly sonic ether by those who choose to listen carefully to them.

A contemplation on quiet disintegration and the conflicting allures of distance and connection, using the satellite as a skyward centre-point; ETHER/ORBIT considers the romanticism of the space age versus the reality and how we’re always listening for something in the darkness.

Listen to the companion release BLACK ARROW here:

A cassette version (with BLACK ARROW) was also released by The Dark Outside in January 2022:

released October 28, 2021

Written and performed by Roberta Fidora, with Mike James on guitar and Matt Horn on drums. Additional guitar and effects by Andrew E. Wright. Recorded and mixed at Old Blacksmiths Studios by Neil Elliott, Portsmouth, UK. Mastered by Harris Newman at Grey Market Mastering, Montreal, CA. Artwork concept by Roberta Fidora. Archival photograph of the ground station at R.A.E. Lasham licensed from The Royal Society of London.

With thanks and gratitude to Andy Mayo, Autumn Matthews, Dave Fletcher, David Bowie, Duane Mayhew, Elion Caplan, Gary Blyth, Graham Box, Ian Murphy, Jacob Hiles, Paul Humphreys, Phil Thomas, Rachel Shewen and Simon Pott for their support in enabling me to continue making and releasing new music.

© Roberta Fidora and B.A.C. (Black Arrow Communications) 2021.

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