Roberta Fidora

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1. Playing My Tiny Violin 04:16
2. Biarritz 03:14
3. Is It Too Late For Fan Clubs? 02:48
4. Shoreliner 03:59
5. You Live Alone 03:32

An EP about weird patterns with disco leanings, opera screamings and glamorous schemings, plus a clifftop chanson, styled stylophones and a fast-escalating rivalry with a puppet much more youthful and beautiful than I (video here: youtu.be/LGidWosNnwI).

released October 31, 2023

Written and performed by Roberta Fidora. Additional CZ-101 programming by Andrew E. Wright. Mixing, mastering and additional production by Rob Quickenden at Ford Lane Studios, UK. Artwork by Roberta Fidora, with thanks to Rob Luckins for all the vintage photography advice and history.

Special thanks to the Neighbourhood: Andy Mayo, Autumn Matthews, Damien Ramsden, Dave Fletcher, Dave High, David Bowie, Duane Mayhew, Elion Caplan, Ellee Thunfeldt, Gary Blyth, Graham Box, Ian Murphy, Paul Humphreys, Phil Thomas, Rachel Shewen, Sam Brooks, Simon Greenwood and Simon Pott, for their support of this release.