Pan and Scan


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1. Side A 15:38
2. Side B 15:38

My efforts with these tracks was to dive into memory and draw inspiration from films that had left an impact on my life. The following are scenes, images, and feelings recorded direct to stereo using a Buchla Music Easel, various Ciat-Lonbarde instruments, a Mannequins skiff, effect pedals, and an Octatrack.

Side A:
2. The Warmth of a Memory
3. Our Wounded Vessel

Side B:
4. Possessions and Souvenirs
5. 7 Bleecker St.
6. Stepping Out
7. Exchanging Fragments

released December 31, 2023

Music by pinyonpine
Production and stereo magic by Joe Millar
Mastered by SALZ Mastering
Cover photograph by Jae Ryan