Spatium Incognita

NGC 224

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1. Toven Planes 06:40
2. Taurus Enclave 06:05
3. Sigma Draconis 05:25
4. Noir 07:06
5. Drifting 08:41
6. Lost 08:06
7. Our Demise 08:57

Spatium Incognita - the unknown space.
In this album I approached new sequencing techniques and styles to try something new. The album starts off quite familiar, but gets more experimental and darker towards the end.

The tracks “Noir” and “Our Demise” are strongly inspired by so-called “Nordic Noir”. This is a genre of literature and film that encompasses crime literature, films and series from predominantly Scandinavian countries. I would particularly like to highlight the series “Deadwind” and “Bordertown”.

I hope you enjoy your journey into unknown spaces.

released June 12, 2024

All music was composed, produced and mastered by Christian Nielebock / NGC 224.