Space Exploration - Remastered

NGC 224

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1. Distant Star 07:08
2. Exoplanet 08:40
3. Approaching Nightingale Cascade 09:52
4. Dasein 08:25
5. Ad Astra 06:35
6. Nebula Expansion 09:52
7. Destination Unknown 08:44
8. Fluvius Sol 05:16
9. NGC 224 07:06

This album is a compilation of ambient tracks that I released in 2023 as "Ravetracer". They represent my entry and the start of my journey into ambient music.

Over the course of the year, I came to the conclusion that "Ravetracer" was no longer appropriate as an artist name for ambient music. So in the end I decided to release all music as "NGC 224".

I also learned a few techniques over time to make the tracks sound fuller and better. This is also the reason why this album has now been released.

Here I have reworked and mastered all my tracks from 2023. Some sounds or effects have been replaced or added.

I am very much looking forward to your feedback and hope you enjoy listening to it.

- Christian / NGC 224 -

released November 22, 2023

NGC 224 / Christian Nielebock