Out there...

NGC 224

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1. Thetarus DL7 08:57
2. Caithea Point 07:23
3. Capheus Wall 06:33
4. Ventton Expanse 07:21
5. Seabreeze Citadel 06:03
6. Attack On Amberstar Base 06:29

Out there, far in space, are the outposts of humanity. Loyal and brave people work there hard every day for their corporations. Virtually cut off from the rest of humanity, they go about their business, unaware of how alone and lost they really are.
... because the corporations are not interested in lives, only in numbers and income ... out there.
released March 4, 2024

Special greetings are going to the Discord community of the Synphaera label where everyone is very kind and welcoming. You're all great!
Also special thanks to Don Tyler and Chris Bryant who host the community and bring us all forward. You guys rock!!

Composing, arrangement and mastering done by Christian Nielebock (NGC 224).

released March 4, 2024