Cosmic Mirage

NGC 224

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1. The Signal 08:57
2. Theshan Gaithea 08:00
3. Black Hole 07:01
4. Strange Realms 08:32
5. The Source 08:38

A cosmic rescue mission leads a crew into the deep space with a high chance to get lost in space and time just to find out that everything was just a mirage.

This is my second album on purpose featuring some space ambient, downbeat and chillout tracks. I hope you like the music as I liked to create it.

Virtual gear used for this album:

- u-he Hive 2 (a lot!)
- u-he Diva
- Viper VSTi
- Zebra HZ
- Tone 2 Electra
- Arturia Pigments 5
- Kontakt 7
- FabFilter Pro C-2
- FabFilter Pro Q-3
- FabFilter Pro L-2
- FabFilter Pro R-2

The presets used are a mix of purchased patch banks and self built presets.

released February 6, 2024