hors service


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1. d'un coup, deux coups 06:17
2. mes poutres 04:54
3. tronc commun 06:15
4. celle de gauche 05:37
5. à peu près 06:01
6. bognuit 06:31

This album came about during this past summer. It was an especially solitary summer.

I want to say a few thanks. I want to thank gabri.miel for the incredible artwork. Thanks for being so open with my ideas and for doing this, I really appreciate it. I'd like to thank The Lifted Index and Aldo for their comments on some early versions. I'm still learning a lot and I appreciate your insights more than you think. I'd also like to thank my brother, Nicolas, who helped tremendously on the production side of the album. My mixes were trash and I'm grateful that you still want to dig in and make sense out of it all. This would not have sounded this good if you didn't put in the love.

I'd also like to give a shoutout to two very important person that really shaped this album. I'd like to thank stou, I love you (merci pour stou xx) and I'd like to thank monsieur, I love you too wherever you are.

I hope this little album can bring us all together for a little bit.

released November 12, 2021

couleurves: synthesizers, guitars, sampling and mixing

nicolas lalonde: additional production, mixing and mastering
gabri miel: cover art