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1. fil I 08:50
2. fil II 06:06
3. fil III 07:51
4. fil IV 01:58
5. fil V 08:24

I hope this helps you sleep!

I made this album a few weeks back while I was assembling my new eurorack configuration. I've been wanting to do something with tape loops for a while so it just seemed natural to try and mix them up with what I had laying on my table!

It came about pretty quickly. I recorded every track in about 3 days. I did a lot of loops that weekend and recorded them straight into the Morphagene. As I didn't plan for this to be an album, I recorded my Jazzmaster straight into the Tascam without a clear idea of what I was doing. I also didn't have an oscillator in my case at that time so I decided to use my Monologue for everything else. I multi-tracked it along the Morph's magic and the album came out basically as it is!

For the curious, here's what I used: Monologue, Tascam Porta 02 MKII, Jazzmaster, Morphagene, uTemps, uO_c, Disting MK4, Sinc Bucina, Noise Tools, 1uVCA, uMIDI, Line In 1u and a Zoom H4n.

I want to send out a special thanks to my usual partners! I'm very glad to have some art by gabri.miel on the cover again. She did a fantastic job at a crazy fast pace and I'm very thankful for it. Big shout out as well to mab.f for the mastering and for the last minute help with the release!

released September 4, 2020

couleurves: synthesizers, tape loops, guitars, sampling and mixing

mab: mastering
gabri miel: cover art