not here when i'm under

a final valentine

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1. (Intro.) 01:12
2. (Walking.) 02:08
3. (I'll see you in your dreams.) 02:53
4. (Girl.) 02:34
5. (Pianissimo.) 01:46
6. (AAAAAA!) 01:50
7. (Roasted potatoes.) 02:44
8. (I feel like Thundercat in this bitch YEAH WOOOO!) 02:05

carrying this heavy body

carrying this heavy body
this body that is not mine
(I did not sign up for this)
I feel less judged than the others.


the sound of fallen leaves
leads me home
to a place I never knew

carrying this heavy body

even as
a tour group of freshmen approaches
I slink up concrete steps –
the gravity of discontent grows


and fallen leaves lead me home
to a place I have never known.

released January 4, 2023

Production, engineering, and writing by Olive Bernhart; credited in liner notes as Finn (they/them).

Original cover design was created using the Wombo Dream AI feature. I am working on re-designing the cover without the use of AI, but for now, design 1 is being used.